Windows 10 S について考えるスレ 2

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Windows 10 S について考えるスレ 2

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Windows 10 on ARM PCs will ship with Windows 10S
 Dec 5, 2017

3名無し~3.EXE2018/01/02(火) 17:21:28.71ID:J2wWTbsd
iTunes Microsoft Store release delayed, Windows 10 S users left waiting
 Dec 15, 2017

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Microsoft is apparently pushing Windows 10 Pro builds to Windows 10 S Insiders

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Windows 10 S Insiders are receiving Windows 10 Pro update
 Jan 4, 2018

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Microsoft Mistakenly Ships Windows 10 Pro to PCs Running Windows 10 S Preview
 Jan 5, 2018

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10名無し~3.EXE2018/01/22(月) 23:41:16.71ID:LuP/o+GC
Microsoft unveils Windows 10 S laptops starting at $189 and new Office 365 tools for students
 January 22, 2018

11名無し~3.EXE2018/01/23(火) 04:27:10.58ID:WM9FmBkB
Microsoft announces new Windows 10 devices starting at $189 to take on Chromebooks
 Jan 22, 2018

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Microsoft offering “Commercial” Surface Laptop with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed

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Microsoft Building Modern Version of Windows 10 Called Polaris
 January 25, 2018
  Being based on UWP would make Polaris even further locked down than Windows 10 S. While that also only allows for apps from the Microsoft Store, it's otherwise similar to Windows 10 Pro. Essentially, Windows 10 S is a halfway point to Polaris 

14名無し~3.EXE2018/01/28(日) 10:25:01.31ID:6L0qrbFb
Microsoft Surface Laptop now sold with Windows 10 Pro pre-loaded
 January 27, 2018

15名無し~3.EXE2018/01/31(水) 02:22:49.77ID:KpOolzN3
Hands on: Asus E201 VivoBook with Windows 10S
 January 30, 2018

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Exclusive: Windows 10 S is Dead, Long Live S Mode
 February 3, 2018

17名無し~3.EXE2018/02/04(日) 03:52:03.91ID:/6ghxR6e
Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro upgrades to cost $49… eventually

18名無し~3.EXE2018/02/04(日) 04:01:13.55ID:/6ghxR6e
Windows 10 Home in S Mode is a thing, according to a Feedback Hub Quest

19名無し~3.EXE2018/02/04(日) 09:32:06.19ID:/6ghxR6e
Windows 10 S is reportedly being replaced with “S Mode” for other Windows 10 editions

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21名無し~3.EXE2018/02/04(日) 12:14:29.84ID:aCDmM1nw
Report: Microsoft will make Windows 10 S the default mode for five new Windows 10 versions
 Feb 3, 2018

22名無し~3.EXE2018/02/06(火) 06:23:32.22ID:xdvA9qBK
Windows 10 S becoming a mode, not a version, as Microsoft shakes up its pricing
The Store-only version of Windows becomes an installation option instead.

23名無し~3.EXE2018/02/09(金) 01:16:04.51ID:+7V6N0A8
Microsoft tests a password-less Windows 10 S

24名無し~3.EXE2018/02/23(金) 19:28:34.56ID:dvLvOWbl
Microsoft Will Allow Windows 10 S Users to Upgrade to Windows 10 Home for Free
Windows 10 S will soon be offered as an OS mode
 Feb 23, 2018

25名無し~3.EXE2018/03/07(水) 06:33:19.89ID:XsXlMKev
Windows gains ground in US K-12 schools as iPads lose share
  With Windows 10 S, Minecraft Education Edition, Office 365 Education,
and more, Microsoft hoped to take a big chunk of the education market away
from Google and Apple.

26名無し~3.EXE2018/03/07(水) 16:45:00.85ID:0U+kf6lT
Confirmed: Windows 10 S will evolve into a 'mode' of Windows 10 in 2019
 07 March, 2018

27名無し~3.EXE2018/03/08(木) 09:14:46.04ID:qbClAr4D
Windows 10 S Will Become “S Mode” Available On All Windows 10 Versions
March 7, 2018,news-58013.html

28名無し~3.EXE2018/03/08(木) 09:16:06.93ID:qbClAr4D
S Mode Available On All Windows 10 Editions ?

29名無し~3.EXE2018/03/08(木) 09:17:19.92ID:qbClAr4D
S Mode will be available on all Windows 10 Editions ?

30名無し~3.EXE2018/03/08(木) 12:03:13.53ID:qbClAr4D
Switching from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 will remain free of charge

31名無し~3.EXE2018/03/08(木) 12:05:57.89ID:qbClAr4D
Windows 10 in S Mode coming in the spring; upgrades to full Windows are free

32名無し~3.EXE2018/03/09(金) 09:14:33.57ID:G8Zl66Wc
Microsoft Eliminates Windows 10 S Upgrade Fee Ahead of S Mode
March 8, 2018

33名無し~3.EXE2018/03/17(土) 04:20:41.37ID:sTm50Sda
「S モード」を Windows 10 のすべてのエディションで提供
 Japan Windows Blog March 16, 2018

34名無し~3.EXE2018/03/23(金) 15:52:35.92ID:Q2+Of8w3
Apple Ready to Launch Its First Windows 10 App
iTunes for Windows 10 release should happen soon
 Mar 23, 2018

35名無し~3.EXE2018/03/24(土) 04:20:09.33ID:y7eRMwXU
(参考) 5ch
【タブレット】教育向け廉価版iPad発表か アップルが27日 米報道

36名無し~3.EXE2018/03/28(水) 07:14:38.95ID:RVdbmO4r
(参考) 5ch より
から ※日本だけお値段は以前からの据え置き

37名無し~3.EXE2018/04/06(金) 09:22:57.44ID:m+Xpp+9j
Windows 10 Sが「学校用デバイスといえばChromebook」という“常識”を覆す?
 2018年04月06日 TechTargetジャパン運営事務局

38名無し~3.EXE2018/04/20(金) 21:00:09.41ID:ssjEd2W3
Google Finds Security Flaw in the Most Secure Windows 10 Version
Windows 10 S vulnerability discovered by Google engineers
 Apr 20, 2018

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>968 名無し~3.EXE 2018/04/23(月) 12:32:38.56 ID:wIzivk2V

「Windows 10」のセキュリティ機能を迂回可能?グーグル「Project Zero」が詳細公表

今回明らかにされた手法は、「Windows 10 S」マシン あるいは ユーザーモードの
コード整合性(UMCI)を有効にしている あらゆる Windows 10搭載マシン

(例えば、「Device Guard」として知られている Microsoftの仮想コンテナを設定した


Microsoftは11日、近々リリース予定のWindows 10の「Redstone 4」で対処するため 同
しかしGoogleは、MicrosoftがRedstone 4のリリース日を明確にしていないという理由
などから その要求についても拒否した。

40名無し~3.EXE2018/04/24(火) 07:22:31.74ID:55YPV60G
Microsoft plans to offer Windows 10 S-mode escape via the Microsoft Store

41名無し~3.EXE2018/04/25(水) 03:58:04.64ID:/OLBiEIg
Windows goes on a diet with yet another variant: Windows 10 Lean
Latest Insider build has a strange new SKU.

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グーグルで検索するといいかも『金持ちになりたい 鎌野介メソッド』


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グーグルで検索するといいかも『ネットで稼ぐ方法 モニアレフヌノ』


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